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Reasons To Write A Press Release

If you've done any reading on the subject, you probably realize that sending out press releases is one of the most effective, cost-free strategies available for marketing your business. All too often, however, we just can't think of why to send a release. We are under the mistaken impression that we simply have no news worthy of sharing.

It's a well-known fact that a company's visibility will increase with powerful publicity. After all, publicity aims to bring the news of your company to the world. The basic weapons you'll need to do this include a press kit, a company background piece, press releases, story ideas and articles or columns about your business. The most important of all, though, is the press release.

If you're wondering what exactly should be covered in a press release, think along the lines of "newsy" and interesting topics. Examples include: your online presence; important information and tools regarding a change in management or the business components you offer; special information that can be obtained online; any proprietary product or methodology that you offer through your consulting services; the announcement of articles, events and appearances; relevant worksheets, tips and techniques; and so on.

Here's a list of great reasons to do a press release. (71 actually)

• Announcing reaching a major milestone

• Announcing the restructuring of company

• Appearance at national events

• Appointment to a board or committee

• Articles you've written

• Articles written about you

• Award or commendation you've received

• Award or commendation your company has received

• Awards you are handing out

• Business anniversary

• Business expansion

• Business Open House

• Change in business hours

• Classes you are teaching

• Classes your company is sponsoring

• Clients, or customers you have acquired

• Company events or programs

• Company incorporation

• Company name change

• Company relocation

• Company sponsored trip for your employees

• Company tours you make available

• Corporate accomplishments

• Contest you're sponsoring

• Contest you've won

• Contributions you are making to a local charity

• Corporate sponsorships (sports teams, etc.)

• Establishing a unique vendor agreement

• Expanding or renovating the service

• Ezine or newsletter you publish

• Facilities expansion

• Free classes you offer

• Free demonstrations you're putting on

• Free information available at your website

• Free samples you're offering

• Fundraiser you're sponsoring

• Grant you are giving

• Grant you have received

• Guest you've invited to speak to your employees

• Holiday tie-ins

• Holiday promotions

• Introducing new product/service

• Joint venture with another company

• Key employees' retirement

• New employees

• New products or services you're offering

• New website or online service you're offering

• Obtaining a new/significant customer

• Opening up branch or satellite office

• Participate in local events

• Patents you have applied for or been awarded

• Publications you have to offer online or in print

• Report on a fundraiser you finished

• Research you have conducted and the results

• Scholarship you're contributing to

• Scholarship you're sponsoring

• Speaking engagements you have planned

• Special events you are participating in

• Special events you are promoting

• Special meetings you're hosting

• Starting a new business

• The latest book that mentions you

• Trade shows you are participating in

• Trademarks you have applied for or been awarded

• Training seminars you are attending

• Training seminars you are offering

• TV show appearances

• Visits by local celebrities

• Website anniversary

• Workshops you are presenting

• Writing a book

This should get you started.