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Stockton Graham & Co. Extends Kosher Certification to Dilworth

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Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 Time: 6:12 PM

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Raleigh, NC - Jeff Vojta, President of Stockton Graham & Co., a wholesale specialty coffee roaster and beverage supply company headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, has announced that Charlotte's oldest coffee brand, Dilworth Coffee, is now Kosher certified. In December 2010, Stockton Graham & Co. acquired the wholesale roasting and supply operations for Dilworth Coffee, and Stockton Graham & Co.'s application of Kosher Certification for Dilworth Coffee to the Atlanta Kashruth Commission has been approved.

"Customers want assurance about what they are putting into their bodies," said Vojta. "Kosher certification ensures Dilworth Coffee consumers that the products are made with certain standards."

The Atlanta Kashruth Commission, a non-profit kosher supervising agency works directly with Stockton Graham & Co. to ensure coffees they roast are in compliance with Jewish principles. Certification is determined by both the source of the ingredients and the equipment used. By holding a Kosher certification, Dilworth Coffees now will meet the needs to both Jewish and non-Jewish customers alike in a rapidly growing kosher consumer market.

Certification is granted after an in-depth application process. The process includes completing an application that includes information on what is produced by the company, as well as a list of ingredients and processing agents. The next step in the certification process includes an inspection by AKC to ensure the facility is clean and the ingredients and equipment used meet standards.

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About Stockton Graham & Co.:
Founded upon craft-roasted coffee, Stockton Graham & Co. is a wholesale specialty beverage, equipment, and accessory supply company. We provide high-quality, custom-roasted coffees, gourmet teas, and specialty beverage products along with turnkey services to coffeehouses, restaurants, smoothie bars, health clubs, specialty groceries and natural food markets. From coffee to smoothies, and training to equipment sales, Stockton Graham and Co. enables retailers to serve fresh, custom-roasted coffees and to create distinctive drinks for discriminating guests, enhancing their ability to bring people together in a comfortable atmosphere. For more information, visit or call 800-835-5943.

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