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Updated 2/3/10

We at PRSurvival would like you to have the best experience with your Press Release Submission.

That being said, here are a couple of hints to really get the best value.

1. Title - Make your title short and to the point. 50 characters max. Some media outlets will truncate to 50 characters, and spaces count as characters.

2. Do not repeat the title of the release in the content of the release. This will sometimes cause the release not to be accepted by some media outlets.

3. If you are submitting to multiple cities, do not include the city at the beginning of the release. ie Raleigh, NC. and then start of release. Other cities, may not accept the release as it is not local.

4. Content. Include your contact information at the bottom of the content in the About Us section. Some media outlets, only ask for Title and Content, this way, they get that information. Here is an example.

About Strike for Survival
Strike for Survival, headquartered in Raleigh, NC is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization conceived in 2004 by Raleigh business owners who wanted to raise funds for cancer research through an event that any and everyone could participate and enjoy. Strike for Survival is an opportunity for small businesses to be a major contributor. There are 4 mission points for Strike for Survival: raise money for the American Cancer Society, allow small business owners to be visibly involved in their community, help raise the next generation of volunteers and allow for education and awareness on how to survive cancer. As a non-profit organization, 98% of the money raised goes to the American Cancer Society. For more information on how to get involved with Strike for Survival, contact Bob Liddle at Get additional information on the website at or call (919 961-3132.

5. Fill out the Contact section completely with Company Name, Contact Name, Email and website as other media outlets do let you put it in separately.

6. Do not include hyperlinks in your release. Many media outlets will not take hyperlinks. Just put the website as and your email as

7. Content. Limit the content of the release to 3,000 characters. We have learned that some media outlets are just not as inclined to publish larger releases.

Thanks, following these hints will greatly increase the effectiveness of your release.